Samsa Pastry

Samsa Pastry

Samsa is  a kind of a baked round bun. These round pastries are both crunchy and moist. Traditional buttery flaky pastry dough is wrapped around stuffing and then baked to golden perfection.

The pastry stays crisp on the outside while the inside layers sop up the juices from the meat filling, resulting in a wonderful contrast of crunchy and moist in each bite. It’s a gastronomic experience to sink your teeth into one and hear it crackle back at you.

A variety of stuffing can be used to refill the samsa, such as:

- Finely minced lamb meat filling soaked in fragrant spices,

- Or chopped chicken with and onion mixed with spices,

- Or else shredded pumpkin with onion and spices



Lamb Pumpkin Chicken Spices

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